Posted on April/22/2011
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The Big Cinema,

I am a derp queen. I make TH Macro's. Feed me lolz.
This blog is for my Tokio Hotel macros. My personal blog can be found aaaat
You Don't Are
Follow it bitches ;D



Scale of 1 - 10, how much do you hate me for disappearing from this blog for so long?

Lyrics of the Week,

Out of touch
Out of time,
Just get lost without a sign.
As long as you stay by my side
In your shadow I can shine..

• In Your Shadow (I Can Shine) •

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This is a blog I have created in order to post all of my Tokio Hotel macro's. All images here were modified and given captions by myself. The submitted and reblogged Tokio Hotel macro images that are added will have appropriate credit along with the posts.